it’s going to be a bit quiet around here

In an effort to write more and “pre-train” myself for NaNo, I am reading less and will, therefore, not be blogging much. There might be a couple of random posts throughout the month, and a blog tour stop around mid-November, but no real book blogging until December. Plus, I can’t say I really recommend any of the books I’ve read lately. I’ve had a couple of misses and a few okay reads, but nothing that puts me in the mood to blog.

See you all after NaNo!

A new term…

A new reading list.

I’m taking the general YA lit class this term, so my bloggings mat be few and far between while I marathon read my way through my 24 selections, assigned readings, texts, and prepare reviews/possible lesson plans for use in libraries. It’ll be intense now that I’m working full time.

First up on my list: Nothing but the truth by Avi