in which I give in

I always told myself that I would never read Eat, Pray, Love. It appealed to me about as much as a Nicholas Sparks book–not at all (apologies to Sparks fans, but he’s just not my cuppa). Then I learned that it was selected as the campus-wide reading selection for 2011. I wasn’t on the selection committee, but given the library’s involvement in the event, I knew I would have to swallow my pride and give it a go. Then I was asked to lead the planning committee for the event and help organize a series of activities based on the book. Now, I knew I would have to really¬†read it. I couldn’t get away with a quick skim, I would need to know this book well enough to talk about it and plan around it. So I did. And it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.

Yes, I did find some parts terribly self-indulgent, but Gilbert’s style is light and often humorous, even when dealing with the complexities of Indian and Balinese spirituality. I am not one for reading books on spirituality, but Gilbert never came across as preachy–this is her journey and no one need prescribe to it. Overall, I’m kind of glad I gave it a chance, if only because I learned a little more about interesting places to add to my travel wishlist.

Now, to brainstorm ideas for activities…