BBAW Day 4 – Bookish Discoveries

A book I first learned about on the book blogosphere, and which I feel deserves recognition on this day, is Mary Robinette Kowal’s Shades of Milk and Honey. I first read and posted on this historical fantasy novel in October 2010 (wow! Can’t believe it’s been so long!), but it’s a novel that has been on my mind during the last few weeks and which I think is due for a re-read.

In my original post, I noted that this is the sort of novel that makes you feel like you’re missing something that will come to you with time. In the tradition of an Austen novel, Shades of Milk and Honey is a comedy of manners set in a Regency era touched by magic.It’s a soft-spoken sort of story, subtle and nuanced in its magic. The sort of novel that will grow and change with the reading.

When looking over my copy, I found that I had dog-eared one of the pages. Skimming it, I quickly remembered why I had done so…

“One must not put trust in novelists, Beth; they create worlds fit to their own needs and drive their characters mad in doing it.”

I’m not sure which blog inspired me to pick this one up, but thank you all the same. And thank you to everyone who has visited the blog and left me comments 🙂 . I haven’t had as much time to comment as I would like, but I have discovered lots of great bloggers!

on a quest

I am in the mood for a good fantasy novel, but I have a few requirements that are making the search a bit difficult.

I want:

  • a strong female protagonist
  • a magical element featuring Fae/Sidhe, but not vampires/werewolves. I am not looking for another Twilight
  • High fantasy or urban dark fantasy
  • a love story is fine but I do not want a romance novel
  • general fantasy fiction or YA

I’m thinking something similar to Holly Black’s Tithe or the kind of strong female characters found in Robin McKinley and Tamora Pierce’s novels.

I will gladly take all recommendations 🙂