I <3 Fantasy

I’m taking a class on library collection development this term (my last core class! hurrah!) and one of our assignments is to create a list of core titles for a public library collection. Of course, I chose YA fantasy literature because

1) I love YA
2) I love Fantasy
3) I have far too much knowledge of the genre not to.

I now have a very long list of titles that I can’t post for self-plagiarism reasons (in other words, don’t want to confuse the SafeAssignment submission thing). I have also come to the realization that I have read an awful lot of YA fantasy over the years. More than I thought, I mean. I knew I read a lot, but my list doesn’t even cover half of what I’ve read and I only stopped because it was growing far too long for the assignment.

I’ll post the list as soon as the term ends… This process makes me want to go back and re-read. Terribly tempting.