Shelf o’ YA Goodness

This is the Children’s/YA Room at Books & Books on South Beach*. The store is like some Bibliophile’s book-stuffed home with tall shelves and little alcoves filled with books. I walk in there and want to get one of everything.

*For non-Miamians, Books & Books is a neat group of local indie bookshops. They host the best book and author events. This is where I get all my signed copies and have my mad fan-girl moments.

Books & Books

A Royal Evening

This past Saturday, Books and Books hosted the final Princess Diaries event ever, sending the series out with a royal (and chocolatey) farewell. The girls from YAthenaeum precided over the ceremony and introduced Meg Cabot, who spoke for about an hour, sharing very funny personal stories about her days as a manager for one of the dorms at NYU and answering questions from the audience. She may be one of the most personable authors that I have gone to see (and one of the best haircuts! Just had to add that. Hair envy.).

Of course, a booksigning followed the event, so I was able to get my copy of Princess Forever signed 🙂

Then there was the decadent chocolate fountain from Peterbrooke’s…
enter gratuitous chocolate picture

it’s a gamble

I find that my attention span suffered greatly after the holidays. Aside from school stuff, I’ve been jumping from one book to another, so I’ve yet to finish any of the selections that I’ve started. However, Barnes and Noble made a killing during my “ooh! Books on sale. I’ll read them eventually. Buy buy buy” spree.

Aside from that, I’ve just read a whole lot of Jung. I can now enter into an intelligent, yet outdated discussion about archetypes and Soul-images in literature. Of course, I then start to apply these theories to my own life (I can’t help it, I am too involved with what I read) and then I start seeing archetypes and soul quests everywhere.