BBAW 2012 – showing my fellow bloggers some love

I started book blogging because I wanted to continue thinking about reading as something that could be reflected upon, analyzed, and shared. This was mostly a response to the post-grad school slump, but it soon became an activity that I think of as being an integral part of who I am as a reader and writer. However, I soon discovered that the best part of book blogging is connecting with other readers and bloggers!

Even though I don’t always have time to respond to posts, I do actively read my favorite blogs and wish for their latest great read.


These are some of my favorite, semi-daily reads and follows:

Things mean a lot by Nymeth

Nymeth’s posts are intelligent and insightful, and always makes me feel like I’m having an intimate conversation on books, feminism, and literary discovery.

The Story Siren by Kristi

Kristi is the sort of dedicated book blogger I would love to be! I so admire this blog and all that she does to stay current and interactive.

A Chair, A Fireplace, and A Tea Cozy by Liz B

Not only is Liz B an awesome teen book blogger, she’s a librarian!

Austenprose by Laurel Ann

Laurel Ann meets all my Jane Austen needs. She’s always got the latest scoop on Austenesque novels, as well as historical factoids to keep me thinking.


My latest book blog find:

The Writer Librarian

I only found The Writer Librarian’s blog last Friday after following a tweet link, but I’m sure it is bound to become one of my regular reads.