hello, goodbye

you say goodbye, I say hello

I had a lovely little post ready to go for this, then I decided I wasn’t ready. Then I decided I was, but scrapped my original announcement…

In a nutshell, I feel the time has come for me to say goodbye to book blogging.

I find that when something that should be fun becomes a chore, it’s time to let go. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how I feel about the pressure to keep up with the pace of book blogging while also trying to write books of my own and manage all the other odds and ends that life throws my way. It’s been a wonderfully enlightening experience–I’ve discovered great reads and highly introspective bloggers–but my own posts have become few and far between. The time has come to move on and stop holding on to something that no longer gives me the pleasure it once did.

That said, I’m not going to disappear. I’ll still be blogging about life, writing, and other moments of madness at marginalia and such (with the occasional reading update thrown in for good measure), but the idea of book blogging as a solitary pursuit is no longer in the books.

Adieu, good day, goodbye, and farewell.

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