On reading off the shelf in 2014

In light of my decision to join ROOT (Reading our own tomes) challenge on LibraryThing (and my sudden realization that my cameras have been sorely neglected since I became a smartphone toting idiot), I present the shelves to be read!

Seriously, I have to start taking pictures with a real camera again. It’s sad how few high quality pictures are in my 2013 folder. No more of that sorry business! There will be pictures in 2014! And books! And CLASSICS! Yes, I will get around to reading those this year as well.

 photo 5c09e9f1-80d6-41c4-a36d-514a8e0e454e_zpsac95bf76.jpg

root2 photo 100_5003_zps2a1c78c5.jpg

root3 photo 100_5004_zps92fd90fb.jpg

root4 photo 100_5005_zpsc60a0431.jpg

root5 photo 100_5006_zps5323f4c5.jpg

And books on the overflow shelf…
root6 photo 100_5007_zpsdd7b45f2.jpg

I told myself I would get through at least 30 of the books on this shelf (I haven’t actually counted them, so 30 seems like a good, general number). Maybe I can read them all? Perhaps? Hmm?

I will also find time to paint that shelf and primp it up a bit. It was a hand-me-down that needs some loving care.

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