Summer Reading, part 1

or book geek problems…

I love my library, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the number of holds that I receive at the same time. Like the ones I received this week. I started Clockwork Princess, only to receive Beautiful Creatures a couple of days later… so I had to put CP on hold because BC is a no-renewals, high demand copy. Must read it now, or else! And it is awesome! I’m totally engrossed in the story and so glad I decided to give it a shot. I’m falling in love with YA again this summer.

Now, I’m almost through the book… my reading has slowed to a few stolen moments now that I’m so focused on writing… but now another of my long-time hold requests just came in! Must finish BC and start Bitterblue before I can get back to CP. ZOMG! It’s like a race to finish before my check out period is up.

And let’s not even talk about my getting back to GofT. A Storm of Swords is mocking me with its secrets.


4 thoughts on “Summer Reading, part 1

  1. Haha it’s so hard when you have to choose between an amazing book or another amazing books! Loving your stack of books, I really enjoyed Beautiful Creatures and I’m reading the second book at the moment. I’m also desperate to get my hands on G.R.R. Martin’s series. I’ve never heard of Bitterblue though, what’s that one about? 🙂

    • Hi Becky! Bitterblue is part of Kristin Cashore’s series of Graceling books. Bitterblue was one of the side characters in Graceling, the daughter of a corrupt and evil king. The book is about what happens when she becomes Queen and learns that her father’s rule hasn’t really ended… or that’s what I think it’s about after reading the blurb. Graceling is a different sort of fantasy series (very different), I recommend it if you’re into strong girl fantasies.

      I am loving Beautiful Creatures. I really underestimated it when it first appeared on the shelves. I passed it off as one of the many Twilight copy-cats, but it is soooo not one of those.

      • Ohhh! I actually own Graceling but I didn’t realise it was part of a series, I haven’t gotten anywhere near attempting it yet because my tbr pile is so large, but it’s waiting patiently, lol! I love strong female characters so definitely something for me to look forward to. 🙂

        I love the imagery in Beautiful Creatures, I did still find a lot of Twilight comparisons but it’s hard not to really in that genre! It still stands on its own though.

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