penny dreadful

I love a good Victorian-esque mystery and the Lady Julia Grey novels do not disappoint. This was one of those cases when Amazon actually got a recommendation right and provided me with a perfect, new addiction. As an early birthday present, I ordered myself the rest of the series and will anxiously await their arrival. I’m sure nothing I read will feel as compelling until I have devoured them.

In Silent in the Grave, the series opens with the death of Lady Julia’s husband , a death that may have been produced by less than natural means… The novel is rife with mystery, mayhem, and adventure as Lady Julia comes to terms with the aftermath of her husband’s death and meets her match in Nicholas Brisbane, inquiry agent and enigmatic object of desire. I could not stop reading.

Lady Julia’s adventures continue in Silent in the Sanctuary as she becomes enmeshed in another case of murder, one that is too close to home. Returning to her role as amateur sleuth, Julia begins her own investigation as Brisbane tries to solve the mystery. Together, they  learn more than they ever expected and break a few hearts in the process.

I am loving this series and can’t wait to read on!

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