Blathering on about Bleak House, Part 8.

Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Chapters 47-53

Some thoughts…

Showdown as Lady Dedlock and Mr. Tulkinghorn match wills… Tulkinghorn wins, or does he?

Now we get to the part that makes Bleak House a model of early detective fiction. It’s like a proper game of Clue–in the office with the firearm, but who shot it?

Was it the brash and brawny Mr. George?
Was it my Lady Dedlock, cool and calculated?
Or the one who has my vote: my Lady’s passionate and vengeful French maid, Hortense?
Will Mr. Bucket catch his man…or woman?

Meanwhile, Caddy has a little Esther, but needs time and care to recover… Mr. Woodcourt to the rescue! As I’ve said before, I like Mr. Turveydrop despite his self-indulgent personality, so I found his reaction to Caddy’s convalescence and his sudden attachment to Peepy quite entertaining.

Then Ada reveals that she’s secretly married Richard. More’s the pity. I still think Richard is a cad and a half, and not at all Walter Hartright-ish since his decent into Chancery madness.

The Bleak House Read-Along is hosted by Amanda at The Zen Leaf.

Update: A couple of major term projects are keeping me quite busy. I’ve been following blog posts, but mostly lurking… Will be more active when things settle down.

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