with cherries on top

Cherry Cheesecake MurderI was in the mood for a light, fun read this week, so I checked out Joanne Fluke’s Cherry Cheesecake Murder–a read as sweet as the desert after which it was named.

The little town of Lake Eden gets caught up in a blur of excitement when a famous Hollywood director decides to film on Main Street. Local baker and amateur sleuth, Hannah Swensen finds herself drawn into the mix when an old college buddy turns out to be the film’s writer. But it seems that the real drama concerns the film’s director, womanizer and perfectionist, Dean Lawrence. When a murder occurs on the set, it’s up to Hannah to put her best snooping skills to use and solve the mystery.

Other than a few Miss Marples, I haven’t read many mysteries. My selection was based entirely on the cheesecake illustration on the cover. I had no idea what I was getting into but the idea of a mystery with recipes was enough for me.

I did not realize at the time that this is the 7th volume in Fluke’s Hannah Swenson series, but I had no trouble becoming familiar with the characters and the main plot did not require continuity within the series.

Overall, the novel was an enjoyable, quick read and just what I expected–a light and fluffy read that made me want to bake everytime I came across a recipe.

Much of the novel explored the relationships between Hannah, her family, her beaus, and the people of Lake Eden, so much of the novel didn’t seem to be a mystery. The whodunit plot was a bit predictable, but no less enjoyable because of it.

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