Fairytale ending

After 10 volumes (and several half volumes) Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series has finally reached an end.34102897

Forever Princess is Cabot’s final installment in the series and manages to bring Mia’s story to a very satisfying end.

Returning to AEHS in the final weeks of Mia’s senior year, the story takes an unexpected shift, picking up nearly two years after Princess Mia ended.

Almost eighteen, awaiting to see if her father will win the first democratic election held in Genovia (after all, Mia is the one who introduced democracy to Genovia), trying to publish her first romance novel (under a pseudonym, of course), choosing a college that did not accept her because of her title, and dreading a prom invite from her too-perfect-to-be-true boyfriend, Mia is overwhelmed. A state that is not helped by Michael’s sudden return as a successful entrepreneur and scientist, and Lilly’s suspicious attempts to be nice to her.

Lies become Mia’s form of coping until these become so easy that Mia starts to believe them herself, resulting in a series of bad decisions that only complicate matters further. However, Mia soon learns that, as Dr. Knutz says, sometimes a horse only looks good on paper. Whatever that means.

Like other series that I have been following for years, I really wanted The Princess Diaries to end well and Meg Cabot did not disappoint. I was pleased that the novel picked up two years after the last installment, it made for a nice change and introduced a much more mature Mia, who may still have a lot to learn about being a princess, but is well on her way to becoming a strong, independent woman. That is one of the aspects that I most enjoyed about the series–Mia is no one’s idea of the perfect princess. She is almost never calm and collected, but then her diary would not be half as interesting if she were the perfect model of feminine poise.

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